meeting her dad for the first time jamin thompson funny video 2018

Meeting Her Dad For The First Time *awkward*

Meeting your girlfriend’s dad for the first time (aka stepping inside the circle of trust) is a big step in a relationship, and it can be a risky situation. You’re trying to take things to the next level, but dad will be protecting his turf like a crazed grizzly bear. Are you up for the challenge? Thanks for watching! Be …

jamin thompson christmas in a new relationship

Christmas In A New Relationship

The debate rages… should you get them a gift… what do they like… how much should you spend… are they getting you anything…? Christmas in a new relationship is never easy, and it’s almost always awkward. Thanks for watching! Be sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed this video – and if you really REALLY enjoyed it, share …

instagram motivators from the hood funny video skit-jamin thompson

Instagram Motivators From The Hood – Funny Video

When you’re an Instagram motivator from the hood… choosing to keep it real may ruin your whole act. Thanks for watching! Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video – and if you really REALLY enjoyed it, share it with a friend!

Goliath Workout Program

The Goliath Program (Week 1)

Lately, a bunch of dudes have been hitting me up in the comments on Facebook and Instagram with concerns that my free Goliath Training Program may be “a scam” or that it may be “impossible to make gains in 30 days” etc…. First of all bros, let me just say that I understand your concerns, there ARE a lot of …

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Free Printable Meal Plan Template

Get your diet plan back on track this week using my FREE printable meal planner to track meals, macros, and more. Odds are you plan your career, vacations, weddings, parties, etc in advance. You probably plan your budget in advance as well. But do you plan your meals? If you’re tired of scrambling at the last minute trying to figure …