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We’re Going To Hollywood!! (Vlog #1)

In today’s “Hollywood Workout” Vlog, we had an epic ‘Rocky Style’ fasted cardio sesh at the beach, then hit the mean streets of Hollywood to train back. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BOTH WORKOUTS *Non-members can register for free to get access* Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe and share with your friends!

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just lift bro

Just Lift Bro

Don’t Overthink It – Just Lift Bro Before you decide to spend several hours Googling theories to help you win a comments battle on Instagram…or weeks pondering over a small scientific detail to your training or nutrition program read this: In today’s fast-paced, data driven society, it can be easy to get caught up with […]

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Pain Is Not The Enemy

Many people run from pain…others embrace it and learn from it. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that in order to be really good at anything you’ve got to be challenged…you’ve got to struggle…and you’ve got to deal with a shit load of pain. Pain sucks in a sense…but after you’ve suffered for […]

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Jamin Thompson Members

We Are LIVE! Come Train With Me

A bunch of Readers, Tweeters and Instagrammers have been asking for this for a while…and after months of slaving away & late night grinding…the membership site is finally here! CLICK HERE To Check It Out I’ve teamed up with my bro Nate Edwards (aka the best strength coach you’ve never heard of yet) and several […]

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squatober workout program jamin thompson front squats

Squatober Workout Program | Weeks 1-4

Quite a few readers have reached out recently and asked me if I could consolidate all of the Squatober Workouts into one post. Per usual, I always hook you guys up with what you ask for – so here are the links for all 4 weeks: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 I am currently working […]

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