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51 Quick & Delicious Breakfast & Dessert Recipes

FREE eBook Download! 51 Quick and Delicious Recipes Using Protein Powder (Retail Value – $39.95) My friends over at Prograde Nutrition have put together an awesome new recipe guide and are letting my readers download it for free. I’m talking delicious (but still healthy) recipes like: -92 calorie Chewy “No Bake” Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal […]

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INFOGRAPHIC | Food Profiles of Self-Described Liberals vs Conservatives, a collective intelligence decision-making site which gathers data on the preferences of millions of web users, recently broke down and analyzed how food preferences vary by political ideology. Their study examined the differences in food related choices and preferences by self-described liberals and conservatives. The report draws on aggregated data collected from the responses […]

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10 Nutrition Strategies To Help You Get Sexy-ier – Part 1

I’ve heard it a thousand times… “OMG Jamin you are such a health freak…” “Jamin don’t you ever eat anything NORMAL?” “Jamin come on dude, live life a little!” When this happens I’ll just smile and glance down at the persons belly…because it usually reveals all of the “living” they have been doing lately… Burgers, […]

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