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deadly beaches jamin thompson carla betz

Deadly Beaches – Episode 1

Deadly Beaches is a brand new relationship drama/comedy series that adds some relatable (and often dark humor) to the everyday relationship struggle. Thanks for watching! Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video – and if you really REALLY enjoyed it, share it with a friend!

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Jamin Thompson Bloopers My Strange Addiction Protein

My Strange Addiction Bloopers

Here are some funny bloopers from the My Strange Addiction (Addicted To Protein Skit). Featuring Carla Betz, Josh Eisenberg and David Combs. Enjoy! Thanks for watching!! Be sure to give it a thumbs up if this video made you laugh 🙂 You can watch the full original skit here. PS – Don’t do drugs kids! […]

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my strange addiction protein jamin thompson

My Strange Addiction – Protein

Big thank you to TLC and everyone who has supported me thru my struggles with addiction. Thanks for watching – be sure to share this video with a friend who needs an intervention. Also, don’t forget to subscribe! Check out Last Week’s Vlog

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gym nemesis jamin thompson clemson florida state fsu

The Gym Nemesis

Every gym bro has faced this situation before: You get to the gym; you scan in and walk into the weight room. Right there, you sense you’re not alone…and then you see him. A bro. A guy who looks sort of like you. Similar size. Similar height. Similar build. Similar skin tone. Similar style. You […]

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batman gym hero vine jamin thompson

Gym Hero Vine

To all of the ladies struggling in the gym don’t worry…you can always count on Batman to save the day. Because he’s the type of hero you deserve…but perhaps not the one you need (or want) right now. Watch the full version here. Be sure to follow me on Vine for more funny videos.  

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