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How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions In 2018 (5 Easy Tips)

Disclaimer: Resolutions Do Not Work.

Here’s Why…

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Guest blog by: Nate Edwards

January is a funny month.

It’s cold, you’re in debt from Christmas, and you’re probably hungover and sick of your in-laws from the holiday season.

New Year’s resolutions are usually made after a few adult beverages – and delusions of grandeur ensue.

Though well intended, most of the resolutions are way out of reach for most folks.

It’s an all too common story: usually there is a mad dash to sign up at a gym, folks will buy 13 pairs of super fancy gym clothes, and then swipe enough supplements from the local GNC to have themself peeing neon green for the next 3-4 weeks.

What happens next is: a frenzied pace is then set and for about 4-6 weeks you’re locked in.

However, on or around March 15th or so, something magical and weird happens.

It’s like a light switch is instantly turned off and all of the 6 weekers all mysteriously quit going to the gym at the same time.

It’s almost like a mass exodus… or even worse… a complete wipe-out of an entire civilization.

The newness of the goal has worn off, real life schedules drain their resolve, and goals get put off until the first warm day of spring.

But then… all of sudden these same folks will go H.A.M. again in May as they frantically try to get ready for beach and pool season season…

…but after the first week of June the goals are put off until January once again.

Rinse and Repeat for the foreseeable future.

It can be a very vicious cycle.



So as you read through the following tips to help you quit making failed resolutions, just know that if you at least make one small change every day you will decrease your odds of falling into the “6 weeker” category this year.

Here are 5 ways to keep yourself in check in 2018


We are all adults, and most of us with common sense know what is and what is not good for us.

You don’t need a Dietetics degree to know that chicken nuggets and pizza rolls every day isn’t the healthiest route.

On occasion candy and soft drinks are fine, and should be enjoyed within reason.

Don’t get it twisted however… your body does not process Gummy Worms and Code Red Mountain Dew quite like it did when you were 15.

So do yourself a favor this year and eat foods that either (1) grew out of the ground; or (2) had parents.

new years resolutions 2018 2019 junk food


Simply put… get off your ass and be active… EVERY DAY!

Watch a kid try sit at the dinner table… it looks as if it’s painful for them to remain still for more than a few minutes.

The urge to move, play, and explore starts off so strong in us as kids, and it is beaten out if us over the years – but my best advice to you is to GET OFF YOUR COUCH AND GET INTO SOMETHING.

Strive to be red-faced and breathless every day.


Water is essential for every aspect of life.

Our bodies are about 80% water, and you need to be drinking regularly throughout the day. The absolute minimum daily water intake for anyone should be at least 64 ounces.

That said, I typically advise clients to drink around 90-120 ounces per day. The body has many processes that wouldn’t be possible without water, and these processes range from the digestion of food to brain health and more.

Pro Tip: Chronic dehydration has and has been linked to migraines and various other ailments. 

There are far too many benefits to staying hydrated than I can list in this article, that would require a full article (or even an entire book) to itself. Just know that every aspect of life is improved a great deal with the right amount of daily water intake.


We need to eat more rabbit food! Every day I recommend trying to eat a big salad of fresh greens with lunch and dinner, or a large helping of steamed vegetables with each meal.

Vegetables are very high in vitamins and fiber, and you can eat large quantities of them very few adverse effects.

When attempting to clean up your eating habits, vegetables can serve as a nutritious filler to accompany your other food. This will not only help improve your gut health, but your quality of life as well.

Now, before you freak out just know that I am not suggesting you to become a vegan here… all we are doing here is simply adding a little bit more veggies to your healthy meal plan each day.

This will not only improve your abs and reduce gut inflammation, but you will have a lot more energy during the day and also feel stronger in the gym as well!



“I deserve these cookies. I’ve worked hard all day, I’ve earned it.”


You don’t deserve anything at all.

I have encountered this self-sabotaging mindset countless times over my many years of training, and it results in failure 99.9% of the time.

Not convinced?

Think of it this way… this type of mindset is sort of like you working 40 hours this week, and when it’s time to get paid you just light your check on fire.

Does that make any sense?!


So now you’re telling me that you’ve eaten like an adult for the past two weeks, been active every day, seen tangible results, only to go on a weekend binge of CiCi’s Pizza and deep fried fast food ?!

The math just doesn’t add up.

You did so well for 14 days, but then you turned around and ate your way through 10,000 calories of junk food and pizza – essentially erasing the calorie deficit you had from all the hard work that was done.

The next time, be sure to do yourself a favor and be very selective in the way you view your situation. Instead of “I deserve this because I did X, Y or Z”, instead try looking at the situation as “I am so fortunate and blessed that I am able to do X, Y or Z, and I don’t want to waste all the hard work I just put in”.

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully these 5 simple tips will help prevent you from making empty promises to yourself this year and help you hit to those big goals that you set for yourself this week.

Thanks for reading – if you’re looking for a customized training and nutrition program to follow to make sure you stay on track and hit all of your goals this year CLICK HERE

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