Lunch Break Workout At The Beach *And Someone Shot Me!*

In today’s training vlog, I take you through a quick (and super efficient) 15 minute calisthenics + conditioning workout (taken from Week 3 of my 30 Day Kingslayer Training Program) that you can do on your lunch break.


Timed Work Capacity: This is a challenge where you will perform an exercise, or a series of exercises for 10-30 minutes straight without resting. Depending on your training level, movement used, range of motion, etc there are various formats you can use.

Format #1: you can power through the entire set until failure, resting when necessary.

Format #2: you can perform a set number of reps every 15 or 30 seconds, for example, 10 push-ups every :30 seconds for 10 minutes. Using this format, you will want to use a rep range and weight that will allow you to complete your reps in roughly 15 seconds. That way you will have about 15 seconds to recover before you begin the next set. If you find you need more than 15 seconds to recover, you’re probably using too much weight or the exercise type is too challenging for your fitness level.

This routine involves a 15 Minute Work Capacity. Use the following 3 exercises:

1. Push-Up Variations.  You can use whatever variations you’d like – as an example, if you want to complete all of your reps with traditional push-ups that is ok. Also, if you want to complete all of your reps using a combo of several variations that also works. Depending on your training level, you may want to mix things up and incorporate several variations. Here is a basic list of push-up variations to help spark your creativity: (Traditional, Clapping, Incline, Decline, 1-Arm, 1-Leg, Hindu, Divebombers, Close Grip, Wide Grip, Spiderman, Deadstop, Eccentric, Handstand, etc).

2. Karate Champ Lunges. These are just like regular bodyweight lunges except these are slightly more challenging because they also involve punching. These may look silly at first, but they are a killer. You may need to practice a bit to get your timing right.

3. All Out Sprint. Depending on your conditioning level you may want to adjust the length of the sprint. A :10 second sprint is a good starting point, but if you are up for a challenge, try increasing it to :15 or :20 seconds.

lunch break workout jamin thompson pushups

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Remember, never be afraid to think outside of the box and come up with your own creative workout ideas.

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