The Superhero Workout: How To Get Stronger & Hulk Up Fast

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I’ve been getting a ton of questions and emails lately about workouts…

Many of them are the usual questions like “what kind of workout are you doing these days bro”


“Send me a workout plan dude”


“I’ve been stuck on the same workout for a while and I’m bored as hell”…

I guess when it comes to finding ways to workout that aren’t boring as hell…

…the struggle is ALL TO REAL.

So I decided to write this post for three reasons: (1) to show you some of the stuff I’ve been up to in the gym lately; and (2) give you a few new creative ideas that may spice up your workouts a bit; and (3) because I truly enjoy sharing what I’m doing and helping you improve and reach your goals.


We all have them.

We may not all be aware we do, but in my opinion, we all do.

Allow me to explain.

There are a ton of different training goals out there…and whether your primary training goal is strength, endurance, muscle building, fat loss, health, etc…

…at the end of the day…the main reason most people train is because they want a body that’s attractive.

Of course, there are a ton of people out there who will never, ever be willing to admit this, but trust me, they’re liars.

Yes, we all want to look good. It’s a fact. Not just a regular fact, a scientific fact.

If you aren’t willing to look yourself in the mirror and admit this fundamental truth, you can at least admit that you aren’t training to look worse.

Nobody goes to the gym regularly with the goal of trying to look worse…right?

Ok good.

At least you can agree with me on that.

Now let me take that one step further.

Whether we want to admit it or not…we all want a body that’s attractive…

…but not only a body that’s attractive…but a body that’s also functional, and useful.

Truth is…performance is in right now, and as I have mentioned in previous posts, we are starting to see a huge culture shift away from the traditional bodybuilder physique and towards athleticism.

We are seeing this every day with the rising popularity of everything from Crossfit to Tough Mudders to American Ninja Warrior, etc.

Don’t get me wrong here, the bodybuilding physique is still badass. Much respect to those guys.

However, most of us mere mortals now realize that the bodybuilding mags have been lying to us for years…

…and even though it makes me sad to admit this…developing a world class physique like Phil Heath, Arnold, Dorian Yates, etc is completely unrealistic.

Honestly. It’s completely unattainable bro.

We can all just give up now.


Not trying to be negative here, just keeping it real.

For us regular dudes, of course we all still want to be as naturally jacked as possible, but we also want a solid combo of performance AND aesthetics.

We want to be able to kick ass and take names, and if we can’t kick ass at least we want to be able to LOOK like we can kick ass and take names.

Like I so cleverly pointed out earlier…it’s all about the look my man!

So with that said, my training goals these days are focused on developing a lean, athletic look that is not only strong, but well-conditioned as well.

I don’t know about you but I want to be a beast both in and out of the gym: Deadlift and squat 500 pounds. Wrestle a grizzly bear, and win. Climb mountains. Shred. Beat up my sparring partner. Run a 5 minute mile and a 4.4 forty. Surf. Sky dive. Shoot big guns. Look good naked. Get the girl. Have people tell super exaggerated stories about the legend of Jamin.

I think most guys (and girls) all want the same thing, or at least something very similar to what I just described – and I don’t know a better way to put this without it sounding a bit corny but at the end of the day we all just want to look and function like Superhero’s.

Spider-Man’s agility.
The Flash’s speed.
Juggernaut’s power.
The Hulk’s strength.
Colossus’ arms.
Wolverine’s forearms.
Superman’s abs.
Beast’s traps.
Thor’s quads.
Ironman’s confidence.
Batman’s ability to get any chick he wants.

You get the idea.

superhero workout

It’s kind of hard to describe but there is a certain “look” that a body needs to have in order to be in “Superhero” form.

I think we all know it when we see it but it’s basically a body that’s lean, dense, powerful and athletic, with strong arms, thick legs, a lean waist, and an overall level of muscularity that is above average and even obvious in clothing.

This physique isn’t awkward or overly huge and bulky. It’s a perfect proportion of size and strength that looks good in an Armani suit as well as your birthday suit.

Anyway, you get the idea…and I’m sure you’re ready to get to the workouts.

Here’s how you can hulk up your own physique simply by copying my plan.

Before you begin, here’s what you need to know:

1. If you’re one of those people who makes excuses not to train this workout plan is not for you. If you don’t want to hit the weights, don’t hit the weights. Just don’t go making lame excuses for your own lack of passion and dedication. Be honest with yourself, and others. Fact is, everyone is tired after work. Everyone is busy. If you really want it, stop being weak and make it a priority to get to the gym.

2. Since we are in the middle of football season (Go Ravens) I try to base my split around the NFL and College Football Schedule. This means Monday, Thursday, & Sunday are light/rest days and Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are my hardcore days. Of course some Mondays and Thursdays I don’t care as much about the games, but Sunday is usually my go to “lazy day” where I just relax and heal up for the next week of grinding.

3. On some of the exercises listed you will see a tempo added (i.e. 4-0-1). To break this down simply, the first number (4 in this case) refers to the lowering phase of the exercise, the next number (zero) is the pause, and the third number (one) is the lift. So if you’re doing bench press at 4-0-1, you would take 4 seconds to lower the weight, no pause at the bottom; then take 1 second to lift.

4. This split is kind of a hybrid muscle building, fat-burning, ass kicking, there’s not really a name for it but you’ll get your money’s worth kind of workout. It includes everything from Olympic lifting, power lifting, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, MMA, complexes, metabolic conditioning, finishers, etc. Even advanced lifters will find it to be challenging.

5. This split is simply just a weekly workout that is for you to try for fun only. It’s the exact program I drew up for myself last week. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are looking for a complete training program I’ve listed a resource for you at the bottom of this post.



A1) Pushups 2 sets x 50 reps

B1) Barbell Bench Press 10 sets x 3 reps (Tempo 4,0,1)
Superset with
B2) Neutral Grip Pull-ups 10 sets x 5-8 reps

C1) Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 4 sets 8 reps
Superset with
C2) Deadlifts 4 sets 8 reps

D1) Dips 3 sets 15 reps
Superset with
D2) Seated Cable Row 3 sets 15 reps (Tempo 2,2,1)

E1) Cable flys 5 sets of 10 reps (Tempo 1,2,1)
Superset with
E2) Muay Thai Hindu pushups 5 sets of 10 reps

*Choose a weight that is appropriately challenging for each exercise.

A post shared by Jamin Thompson (@jaminthompson) on

Muay Thai + Hindu Pushup mod. Working on my strength & explosiveness.


A1) Barbell Military Press 5 sets x 8 reps
Superset with
A2) Reverse pulls 5 sets x 8 reps

B1) Dumbbell Shoulder Press 5 sets x 10 reps
Superset with
B2) Handstand Holds :30 seconds

C1) Handstand Pushups 5 sets x 10 reps
Superset with
C2) Spiderman Crawl 5 sets x :20

D1) Dumbbell Lat Raises 3 sets x 10 reps
Superset with
D2) Dumbbell Front Raises 3 sets x 10 reps

E1) Heavy Bag Clean & Slam 3 sets :30

*Choose a weight that is appropriately challenging for each exercise.

Watch the video to learn how to do a Spiderman Crawl


Set a timer for 18-minutes and perform A1-A6 sequentially. Try not to rest between exercises, or even circuits, but keep in mind that rest time will vary depending on your conditioning. This is not a complex, so choose a weight that is appropriately challenging for each exercise.

Perform 8-10 reps for each exercise and proceed in a circuit fashion.

A1) Barbell Deadlift
A2) Lumberjack Press
A3) Dumbbell Floor Press
A4) Jump Lunge
A5) Single Arm Bent Over Row (on bench)
A6) Goblet Squat

At the conclusion of the 18-minute period, rest for 4-5 minutes and proceed to B.

Set a timer for 12-minutes, and perform B1-B4 sequentially. Try not to rest between exercises, or even circuits, but keep in mind that rest time will vary depending on your conditioning. This is not a complex, so choose a weight that is appropriately challenging for each exercise.

B1) Upright Row
B2) Burpees
B3) Rocking Plank
B4) Y-Press

Perform 12-15 reps for each exercise and proceed in a circuit fashion.

Watch the video to learn how to do a Y-Press



Perform A1, A2, A3, and A4 sequentially with no rest in between exercises (do not even set the barbell down). 4 sets of 6 reps each.

A1) Military Press
A2) Power Cleans
A3) Bent Over Row
A4) Front Squat

Rest for 2 minutes after A4 then repeat. Perform this complex 4 times.

Perform B1, B2, B3, and B4 sequentially with no rest in between exercises. 4 sets of 8 reps each.

B1) Barbell Curl
B2) Chin-ups
B3) Dips
B4) Tricep Pressdowns

Rest for 2 minutes after B4 then repeat. Perform this complex 4 times.

*Choose a weight that is appropriately challenging for each exercise.


A1) Superslow Eccentric Front Squat (Tempo 6,0,1) 5 sets x 5 reps
Superset with
A2) Dumbbell jump squats 5 sets x 5 reps

B1) Leg press 3 sets x 50 reps
Superset with
B2) Knees to chest 3 sets x 10 reps

C1) Leg extensions (Tempo 3,3,1) 2 sets x 50
Superset with
C2) Standing jump calf raises 4 sets of 20

D1) Workout Finisher: (1) :30 seconds heavy bag slams superset with :30 seconds heavy bag slalom jumps; (2) :30 seconds heavy bag bear hug walk superset with :30 seconds knee jumps; (3) :30 seconds heavy bag shouldering superset with :30 seconds split jumps. Rest for :90 seconds. Repeat the circuit 5 times.

*Choose a weight that is appropriately challenging for each exercise.



Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far you’re probably thinking I’m completely crazy (which I am of course), but who ever said becoming a Superhero was easy?

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you…this weekly split is no joke, but you can try it knowing it’s completely battle tested as I just went through the entire thing last week.

Was I sore? Hell yeah I was.

Did I die? Nah (but felt close a couple times).

Did I get stronger and leaner? Probably (but I did eat a bunch of cookies over the weekend).

All jokes aside this “Superhero Workout” won’t be easy but if you push through the entire split you will learn a lot about yourself and develop a ton more confidence (you may also notice the ladies at your gym taking notice of your hard work and gains).

superhero workout

Remember, in order to make any progress you’ve got to commit wholeheartedly to a workout routine, and not only that, you also need to fuel your body properly as well as get enough sleep or all of your effort will probably be in vain.

So with that said, if you need legit workout program that will add some structure to your workouts while keeping things interesting (plus take your physique to the next level), check out John Romaniello’s “SuperHero Workouts”.

Train hard.

Jamin Thompson
Over the past 10 years, Jamin Thompson – actor, sport & fitness model, and former world ranked tennis player – has appeared in or on publications such as Men's Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Inside Fitness,; as well as worked as a sponsored athlete for and/or been featured in commercials and print ads for Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, ESPN, Wilson Sporting Goods, Powertec Fitness, Gifted Nutrition and more. Using his real world, in the trenches experience, writes to help others dominate in the gym, on the field, and in life. His book, The 6 Pack Secret, has been sold in over 50 countries and has helped thousands of folks from all walks of life get cut and jacked the healthy way.
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