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Effort Over Everything

Ray Lewis:

It Has Nothing To Do With Talent & Everything To Do With Effort

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The 2014 NFL Draft has come and gone…and a new class of young athletes are now living their dreams as pros.

Of course (just like every year) the post-draft debates still rage, with self- proclaimed experts, critics, and trolls asking and wondering “how did this guy make it” or “how did that guy make it” (which by the way can really spark some really heated arguments on social media if you’ve never taken part in these things).

You’ll have the nerds in the lab coats (do you even lift bro?) debating and analyzing performance enhancing polymorphisms and mitochondrial/nuclear genomes – claiming certain guys were blessed with certain “success genetics” that helped them reach that level.

You’ll have the amateur analysts (who usually weren’t very good at sports themselves) who will say certain players only made it to the league because (i.e. system guy, lined up next to X guy, got more playing time, weak schedule, tough schedule, running quarterback, white running back, too tall, too short) or whatever. You know…all the classics.

Then you’ll have the haters and naysayers (99% of social media) who will scrutinize and try to marginalize the success of certain players by saying these guys have only been successful so far because <insert classic hater reasons here>.


So what does it really take to be ELITE at anything…….?


Look…we can sit here and debate what it takes to get drafted or become a great athlete until the end of time…but the fact is that…

…99% of people out there will never reach an elite level at anything.

They will never become champions or win awards in their field.

Only a select few will ever go on to reach greatness (about 1%).

It’s not because the 99% doesn’t WANT to become great…they usually do.

It’s just that they usually aren’t willing to put in the work needed to reach an elite level.

That’s right. The work.

Let’s take a moment to be 100% honest with ourselves for a second…

…are you working as hard as you can?

Making the most of your time?

Doing everything you can day in and day out to be the best you can be? Everything…? 

People say they want to get a better body…but they want to spend less time in the gym and eat all of the foods that they love…

People say they want to make more money…but they would rather spend time in front of the TV or on Social Media instead of reading books or taking classes to learn new skills…

People say they want better marriages, better relationships, better careers, better lifestyles, etc…

…but all they usually want is instant gratification and a quick fix.

Everyone wants to do it the easy way.

These days it seems like it’s all about insta-this or insta-that…

…and you don’t have to be a Fields Medal winner to figure out that there are more failures than successes in society these days. You literally see it everywhere. People failing in the gym, failing in their relationships, failing in their careers, and failing at life.

You don’t have to look far to find them…just check your Facebook mini-feed or Twitter timeline right now and I’ll bet you’ll see AT LEAST one person complaining about their “situation” or how “life isn’t fair” or how “it’s everyone’s fault but theirs”…

It almost seems as if society has somehow made it “OK” to be average…

OK to just exist…

OK to be a complainer…

OK to choose comfort and safety over excellence…

We live in a society where overnight results and quick fixes using minimal effort are glorified and applauded (not to mention marketed well).

People want EVERYTHING, but don’t want to work for ANYTHING.

Since when did making it to the pros become easy? Since when did getting rich become easy? Since when did making relationships work become easy? Since when did getting cut n’ jacked become easy? Since when did being a great parent become easy?

Making it to the pros is HARD. Getting rich is HARD. Making relationships work is HARD. Getting cut n’ jacked is HARD. Being a great parent is HARD. Nothing worth achieving is ever easy…it’s always HARD. Life isn’t fair, it’s HARD.

But that is neither here nor there…

…it doesn’t matter how many success stories you see or read about, there are still going to be people out there who question the fundamental truths of what it takes to build a champion.

Questioning what it takes to create a success story. Questioning what it takes to be elite. Even though they’ve never even done it themselves…

ray lewis effort

Look…it doesn’t matter what you do in life or what you achieve…you’re going to have critics “critique” and “analyze” your success.

You’re going to have doubters. You’re going to have haters. You’re going to have people try to put you down and pull you down every chance they get.

If you’re cut and jacked they’re going to say it’s “photoshop” or “steroids” or “genetics”…

If you’re a successful business owner with a ton of cash they’re going to say you “got lucky” or “ripped people off”…

If you’re an athlete who’s dominating on the field they’re going to say it’s “genetics” or “steroids”…

While there are definitely some instances where these “hater comments” may be an accurate depiction of what’s going on – in the majority of cases they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Allow me to introduce you to an old-school term that’s been proven to work for millions of successful people for thousands of years.

It’s not fancy. It’s not marketable. You can’t buy it.

It’s called EFFORT.

You want to get bigger, stronger, and faster? EFFORT.

You want to get ripped? EFFORT.

You want to reach the next level? EFFORT.

Want to make more money? EFFORT.

Want to be a better parent? EFFORT.

Want a better relationship with your partner? EFFORT.

Success isn’t easy…but you can help the cause by just GRINDING. Just say the hell with all of the analysis & broscience and just get out there and grind.

The only thing that follows work, is results. There is no other blueprint. I don’t have any other secrets to tell you.

If you want to do something, WORK AT IT.

Be willing to PUT IN THE WORK.

Make the sacrifice of TIME & PAIN.

Grind harder each day so nobody can TAKE WHAT IS YOURS.

Every day of your life, you should be trying to find a different way to get better. Never be comfortable with “just good enough”.


It doesn’t matter what you want to do in life…whether you want to be a pro athlete, pro bodybuilder, successful businessman, scientist, artist, musician, great parent, whatever…

…there is only one true “secret” to success…and it’s hard work.

Whatever you’re trying to do…whatever you’re trying to be…just work at it. Be relentless.

We were all born with unique limitations. Born into challenging situations. But we were also all born with unique talents and abilities.

What you go on to do with the abilities you were blessed with at birth is completely up to you. It’s not up to your parents…your teachers…your coaches…your spouse…or the government. It’s all YOU baby.

In most instances, however, we can overcome many of these annoying limitations & challenges (genetics, family situations, financial, etc) through hard work and effort.

For every sports performance study or hater out there…there are 100 people out there in the trenches putting in work. People just like you who simply made the commitment to grind every single day towards their dream.

You can achieve just about anything you put your mind to…you just gotta want it bad enough. If you want it you’ll go work for it. If you don’t want it bad enough you’ll fail and make an excuse.

Check out the Ray Lewis Effort Speech Video I posted at the top of this page. I watch it several times a week because it gives me a tremendous amount of motivation to stay on my grind and keep working harder and harder every day to get better. Sometimes I’ll even watch it 2 or 3 times back to back.

Love him or hate him, who really gives a shit. Ray Lewis beat the odds. He worked his ass off and made the most of his opportunities. Now, his legacy will live on for a long time after he retires, even after he dies.

There is a lot we can learn from Ray Lewis. His belief in himself, his ability to out-hustle everyone, his unmatched will to win, his indomitable level of commitment, his ability to overcome adversity, his ability to handle success and failure, his ability to unselfishly give of himself to others, and his ability to always remain positive even when the whole world was against him are lessons we can all benefit from.

Look, there is always going to be someone who is bigger, stronger, faster, quicker, richer, smarter, better looking, etc than you are. Don’t even get mad about it because this is just a fact of life…

…but this doesn’t mean you can’t beat em or leave a greater legacy than they will if you work your ass off and make a 100% commitment to being the best you can possibly be. 

Ray Lewis has already left his legacy. He’s left his mark. Now, it’s your turn. You are 100% in control of your life and your future.

If you want to truly become great you should be out there working so hard you become an inspiration to even HELP OTHERS WORK HARDER. To help others become better. To help others believe in THEIR DREAMS and reach for more.

Remember, no one controls your destiny but you, and most (if not all) of the success you achieve in life will come through COMMITMENT and EFFORT. It’s all in your hands. Go get it.

Thanks for reading. Please leave your questions and comments below and if you could hit the ‘Like’ button I’d really appreciate it. 

PS – If you would like to learn how to become an unstoppable force both in and out of the gym – and keep going even when everyone else gives up I highly recommend you read “Relentless” by Tim Grover

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  1. You closed minded fuck get over yourself. You’re probably a niners fan and
    you’re just mad that Ray sat your team the fuck down.

  2. Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar were not “boys”. The NFL will fine you for playing the game to hard. He’s possibly “not what he portrays”. I’m sure your concern for Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar is sincere and heartfelt because you knew them as “boys”.

  3. the families haven’t said he murdered their sons. The said that Ray Lewis never told the whole story of what happened that night. Did one of the people he was with commit the stabbings? Probably. Was it in self defense? Probably. But the only fact that we know for sure is the fact that none of us were there that night. So people. Please stop judging. God will judge him. And no sin is too big for God’s grace. That’s a tough pill to swallow. But I agree this Ramon is a racist fool, lol.

  4. That is what drives me nuts about the ‘haters’ as we say.They act like they can use all of your wrongs and your mistakes before you came to God and slander you.You don’t think we can ever change as people?You don’t think we can ever be forgiven?I’d hate to be judged on something I did 13 years ago because we are always changing and growing..or at least we should be. God changed me completely. I am not even close to the piece of crap I was before I came to God. Much respect to you for seeing that

  5. this is what young teens should be focused on , not swag yolo and Ke$ha . Be remembered ,do something , gain respect .

  6. LOL – I get a kick out of Ray Lewis haters always noting Ray Lewis “Paid the families” as if that’s bad or something … So if he wasn’t a nice guy and didn’t pay them, would he be liked more – WTF ???

  7. OH……so he paid the families because he felt bad about what happened. He is just a really nice guys who cares. Boy was I wrong, lol.

  8. A little weekend motivation from Ray Lewis. It’s great to have talent but effort is everything.#motivation #raylewis #speech #inspiration

  9. Fuck you ray lewis haters were you there that might no so shut the fuck up dam people why be so fucking ignorant dam

  10. More people with his attitude to life would make the world a better place, fact. Be one of those people, guys.

  11. How many movies have wee seen in recent history with badass trailers that
    generally turned out to be forgettable and unimpressive? It’s sometimes
    just because studios have thrown together a film with a recognizable name
    and a flashy trailer to sucker people into buying a ticket, but what it
    really comes down to is advanced technology eclipsing genuine storytelling.
    The Wizard of Oz had cardboard setpieces and was still better than Oz the
    Great and Powerful, because touching that child-like sense of fantasy and
    wonder will win over hi-tech CGI any day. “But kids won’t like it if it’s
    old-fashioned!” Tell that to 450 million Harry Potter books.

  12. Miami would be smart to try and start bringing back some of these players that are wrapping up their NFL careers to coach and recruit. I’d rather have Ray Lewis at DC than D’Onofrio and we need Ed Reed to be a DB coach. Ken Dorsey would probably be a good coach too.

  13. ” the streets aint chasing the same thing you chasing”……… MOST IMPORTANT LESSON…. young people… look at who is around are they chasing what u are… if now eventually u will chase what they are chasing… ask yourself in 10 years is that what u want…

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  15. I think you should try out Kolone’s Road Pack Revival. Specifically the Two
    lane tram and train Avenue and the Three lane train avenue. This mod has
    some problems, but I think this is because its an older mod that needs

  16. Mr Lewis, love you as a son, unfortunately I lost my child because she felt she disappointed her parent’s for all their effort. When you lose your child, life is pretty much over for the parents.

  17. i been a miami fan for 20 years. i been thru the ups and downs, i feel the same way mr. ray lewis feel. its in my heart, i bleed orange and green, i watch every game, no matter who we play bc i am a REAL CANE. #Unation

  18. His speech should instead be: “After you done kill them niggaz in da limo, you gots to change that bloody-ass white suit, yo, cuz I didn’t change mines and it almost got me caught yo!”

  19. your Zombie games , and modded games are a bit boring. I wish you could see
    that . I enjoyed some of them, but there to many of the same thing flooding
    your channel.

  20. I have an idea for your next video.Go to black people in the hood and tell
    them “do you want some shit?” and throw them chocolate than looks like
    shit, yeah maybe you will die and hit 10m views 🙂

  21. I have an idea for your next video.Go to black people in the hood and tell
    them “do you want some shit?” and throw them chocolate than looks like
    shit, yeah maybe you will die and hit 10m views 🙂

  22. Mormons is like one of the worst religion out there. The person who came up
    with Mormonism goes down in American history as a fraud so yeah.

  23. We love you Sandra! Don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone youtuber would’ve
    experienced this in their lifetime and it’s natural. You know as long as
    you’re happy, and the ones like me and many others that love just seeing
    you on youtube making videos everyday are happy then thats all that matters
    and soon you will start to gain more subscribers in the future once you get
    everything on track with time, money and anything else you need to sort
    out! We’re here for you Sandra, stay strong and think positive girl
    because we love you! 🙂

  24. The funny part is I ran into this video, and guesss what? I’m doing the
    same exact thing, with the same exact parts and ideas

  25. The funny part is I ran into this video, and guesss what? I’m doing the
    same exact thing, with the same exact parts and ideas

  26. Ray Lewis is the best player ever in the NFL spiritually, mentally, and has
    the heart, voice and mindset to become great.

  27. Slurp-ability is not a good category because the sauce and/or soup that
    gives the noodles the taste also lubricate them. Therefore making them more

  28. my name is jordan henry i play football am 15 my biges dream is to make it
    life by god and for my mom and then football ball hard ray lewis

  29. Your mother is a scum you little b!tch. Why would Ray want to play along
    side of a homo such as yourself? Go play with Michael Sam you punk.

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