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How To Become A Fitness Model (and get paid)

jamin thompson how to become a fitness modelSeems like every day or so, someone either emails me or hits me up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram asking me how they can break into fitness modeling.

I guess you could say a career in fitness modeling is all the rage these days.

But how do you get started?

Even more difficult to figure out is…

…how can you get paid for your efforts?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of great info out there that can help point you in the right direction.

Most of the articles you’ll find on Google suck.

Most of the “how to” videos you’ll find on YouTube suck.

Most of the “advice” you’ll get from wannabes on Facebook sucks.

Now, if you’ve been reading this site for a while you’ll know that I’ve written a few tutorial articles about ‘how to become a fitness model’…

…as well as launched a spoof video series explaining ‘how NOT to become a fitness model’.

I wrote the articles largely because it helps me answer many of the common questions I get from folks about how to get started in fitness modeling without having to answer a ton of emails.

Disclaimer: I HATE email.

It’s easier to just point someone to a helpful article.

These articles will help you avoid many of the same mistakes I made when I first got started in the industry, and help you start booking paid gigs.

They cover most of the basics like: how to break into the industry, how to set up photoshoots, how to get an agency, how to book jobs, etc.

Here are the links:

1. How to set up a photoshoot

2. How to prepare for a photoshoot

3. How to create a media kit

4. How to promote yourself as a model

5. How to land a fitness magazine cover

I strongly encourage you to use the info in these articles to help you get your foot in the door, but just keep in mind that they only scratch the surface if you want to make it to the top.

Fitness modeling is a complex business and it would be impossible to learn everything you need to know in just a few articles. A career in fitness modeling is just like any other career, only it’s a lot harder to break into, and the rules for success aren’t always set in stone.

There are literally hundreds of ways to both succeed and fail.

So how can you become a REAL fitness model (and not just a Wannabe Selfie Sensation on Instagram)?

jamin thompson how to become a fitness model

In my opinion, there is no ‘right way’ or ‘wrong way’ to get started as a fitness model…but there are some basic guidelines to follow when you are just starting out.

Here are my top 3 tips:

1) Take Action
2) Take Action
3) Take Action

You get the point 🙂

For the action takers out there who are serious about pursuing a career in fitness modeling…I strongly suggest you read my good friend Ian Lauer’s eBook called “How To Book Fitness Modeling Work“.

Inside he reveals over 15 different ways to book paying gigs, even if you’re just a rookie starting out.

This eBook Will Show You:

1) How To Get In Fitness Magazines: Ian reveals exactly what he does and says every time he meets with industry decision makes to help him land on the covers and pages of major fitness magazines.

2) How To Land A Supplement Sponsorship: If you’ve always wanted to land a supplement sponsorship with your favorite brand, Ian shows you exactly how to build the right kind of relationship with the prospective sponsor and show them your true value. This simple tip also helped Ian land his first supplement sponsorship a few years back.

3) How To Book National TV Commercials: Ian reveals several insider tips that he personally uses to make his way onto the TV screen and into your living room. (You’re going to be surprised when you read this one – doing this is a lot easier than you may think!).

Bottom line, Ian is going to teach you step-by-step how to live your dream and get PAID doing it.

He’s going to teach you how to stay in the game and build your brand. You’re going to learn how to create and maintain the relationships you need to get in the game, stay in the game, and get PAID doing what you love.

CLICK HERE to Download The eBook & Get Started

Here’s a sizzle reel video from the Powertec Campaign I worked on with Ian a while back. It was an amazing experience. The best part was, we basically got paid to have fun!

[youtube 3Njd-NeeeN8 590 370]

One could say being a fitness model & getting paid for it is one of the best jobs in the world!

Look, if you don’t know Ian, don’t worry I got you covered. Let me just say that I have worked with him quite a few times as a fitness model and he is one of the top fitness models here in Los Angeles. The dude is LEGIT.

He has been been a fitness model for IRONMAN Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Muscle & Performance Magazine, Reps Magazine, BlackBelt Magazine, Prosource, Powertec and countless others. Not to mention the informercials, commercials, and TV gigs he has booked.

ian lauer how to become a fitness model

Ian’s spread in IRONMAN Magazine – August 2011 issue

Now he wants to show you how you can copy his plan and book some badass paid gigs for yourself. The best part is, Ian, myself, and countless others have used these same tricks to launch and maintain successful fitness modeling careers.

Let me just state for the record that I definitely picked up a tip or two as I read through my review copy of the ‘How To Book Fitness Modeling Work‘ eBook Ian sent me – maybe I’ll even use them to steal a gig or two from Ian…HA! Sorry bro!

All jokes aside, even experienced fitness models like myself can learn a lot from the info Ian shares. Like I said, nobody knows it all. All it takes to get “discovered” sometimes is just one simple tip from a 50 page eBook.

This is definitely a tremendous (and super under-priced) resource for both newbie and experienced fitness models.

For the action takers, CLICK HERE to download the eBook. 

See you inside,
Jamin Thompson

PS – I don’t promote just any flunky on this site – if I promote a product or a person I have to stand behind them and the info 100%. The info my buddy Ian Lauer is sharing with you in his eBook is legit – and he has the resume to back up what he’s talking about. The guy is a world-class fitness model, and the value of the knowledge he’s basically giving away in this eBook could help you land a supplement sponsorship…or a spread or cover in your favorite fitness magazine. Hell, it could even help you book a national commercial with a company like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour. The possibilities are literally endless.

Do you have to buy the eBook? No.

Is it less than the price of a few beers with friends? Yes.

Will you get access to never before released, industry insider tips from a world-class fitness model? Yes.

Will you learn tricks of the trade (that you’ll never find searching Google) that will help you start booking the fitness modeling gigs you’ve always dreamed of? Yes.

The rest is for you to decide.

CLICK HERE to download the ‘How To Book Fitness Modeling Work’ eBook.

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