Interview With WBFF PRO Bikini World Champion Chady Dunmore

chady dunmoreGuys, today I’m sitting down with my good friend (and fellow Powertec athlete) Chady Dunmore who just happens to be the 2010 WBFF Bikini World Champion…as well as an Oxygen Cover Model, MusclePharm Athlete, Spokesmodel, Singer, Fitness Trainer, and Supermom.

WHEW! This girl does it all!

I think she has been in just about every fitness magazine, shes been on several covers, and even has a hit single out on iTunes.

But even with all of that success Chady remains one of the most down to earth, and sweetest peeps I know.

She also has a pretty INCREDIBLE story to tell, and and after you read this interview you’ll love her too. Trust me!

Jamin: Chady, you’ve had such an amazing journey and have overcome so many obstacles to get to where you are today. And despite all of the challenges you have faced, you have battled through everything and found a way to live your dream. How did you do it?

Chady:  HI JAMIN!!!! First of all, Thank you so much for doing an interview on me! 😀 Ok…How did I do it all?  A little thing called hard work and lots of determination.  I started modeling in Miami, Fl at the age of 13yrs old and from there the rejection began.

I grew tough skin from never being pretty enough, or with my health issues never been  strong enough. So when I decided to take control of my weight loss after having my daughter it became more than just weight loss….I wanted to prove that I could rise to the top at the time not being the prettiest or the healthiest.

Jamin: You? Not pretty enough? That’s an interesting concept and I think most of the readers out there would probably disagree! 😀 But hey, speaking of tough skin, I’ve got to admit, you are one tough SOB. You’ve fought a kidney disease since age four, and not too long ago weighed 200 pounds after becoming pregnant with your daughter. How in the world did you go from a 200 pound mom, to gracing the covers of Oxygen and FitnessRX and becoming the number one bikini model in the world? Did you have to follow a crazy diet and workout plan?

Chady: Jamin…aren’t you listening? I said: Hard work and Determination! LOL! Crazy Diet and Workout Plan?  My diet was a bland as a competition diet: Chicken/Fish, sweet potatoes/brown rice, Veggies. My workout: 5-6 days a week 1-2hrs a day (1hr weight training and 30-60min cardio)  The same ol’ thing everyday till the lbs were OFF….I was a Cyborg!

Jamin: You know us guys don’t listen. It goes in one ear and out the other! So wait, did you do it all on your own or did you work with a trainer? Did you have a support group?

Chady: I had a friend who was a trainer who felt so bad for me and knew I was going through serious postpartum depression offered to help me.  As for the diet, That was ALL me!!! I am the one who has to go home and eat clean to get the results….. the body DOES NOT lie. So when people complain of not losing weight…..hmm….. what have you eaten or not eaten? 🙂

Jamin: That’s a good point. Being accountable for what you put into your mouth when trying to lose weight is huge. Success usually always comes down to how committed that person is. So how long did it take you to lose the weight?

Chady: Initially when I first started with my trainer, it took me 4 months (non stop, no cheating) to lose 60 pounds.  I don’t like dieting, so dieting and training hardcore is my way to go so that way it’s just maintenance.

chady dunmoreJamin: Wow 60 pounds! That’s incredible. So what sort of response has your story generated from all of the busy moms out there who are trying to stay fit?

Chady: I am blown away by the response I have received from my fitness journey.  I get a lot of fan mail from women saying how I have inspired them.

Every question you can imagine from stretchmarks, time management, sample diet, etc.  It has been extremely humbling to know I can reach out to another human being to pursue their dreams or push through a health obstacle after seeing what I have overcome.  Lil ole me…its crazy!

Jamin: That’s awesome. It’s so humbling and fulfilling when your story inspires others. That’s what it’s all about! So wait, is dieting down for shows and shoots more difficult for you since your kidneys aren’t fully functioning?

Chady: Yes, I can not  carb or water deplete due to my kidney disease. I love competing, so I have figured out how to manipulate my carbs and water in order to get ready for a show without hurting myself and it has seemed to work.  I often get asked how I stay so lean year round, with my kidney disease I cannot fluctuate my weight like a regular competitor off season-I only fluctuate 5-7lbs.

Jamin: You know, many people would let something like that keep them from even trying. But you found a way. Nice. Ok, so give us a look into your weekly diet & supplementation routine. Do you have to be extra careful what supplements you use because of the kidney issue?

Chady: In my book, I will be giving a detailed diet and supplementation routine of how I go about daily and showtime prep. And how different it may look due to my kidney disease….:-)

Jamin: Gotcha. I’ll definitely have to grab a copy, autographed of course! So what made you want to become a fitness model and how did you get started?

Chady:  I have always loved modeling since I had started at 13yrs old, but as I grew older my body changed and I wasn’t stick thin anymore. I am Latin and have athletic build…The Fitness World just welcomed my physique.  I began my Fitness modeling career after attending FMI conference in LA 2years ago.  I learned how to brand myself and turn my fitness modeling into a career.

Jamin: Yes the fitness world definitely loves your physique, just like all of the rest of us! FMI is so great by the way, Gary and Clark have started something really special over there and it is so cool to see how many great careers have started through FMI! I’ll definitely be at the fall FMI conference here in Los Angeles. Can’t wait, and hopefully I’ll see you there! Speaking of fitness modeling, you are also one of the most sought after fitness models in the industry these days. What is a typical day like for you?

Chady:  Hahaha its depends what day it is especially being a mom.  Let me sum it up like this:  Facebook (eat), Twitter, emails (eat), phone calls (agent/manager/family), driving/picking my daughter to school (eat), gym (weights/cardio) (eat), cook food, recording studio (eat), YouTube channel. Texting in between all of it (eat), working on book/album (eat), shower, time with my daughter (eat), sleep and start over…..

Jamin: That sounds a lot like my day actually, except I have no daughter and i may tweet a little bit more than you do! Oh wait, I don’t have a hit single so no studio time for me yet…dang it. HAHA! Anyways, I may have to work on that! Ok so you have a very impressive fitness modeling resume. You’re the 2010 Arnold Classic Bikini Champion and the 2010 WBFF Pro Bikini World Champion, which is amazing. What were those experiences like?

Chady: I am still in awe with all of it…… I think it will hit me when I’m 80yrs old and I start telling my story over and over to my grand kids on how I use to be a bikini champion. LOL!

Jamin: I can’t imagine listening to my grandma telling stories about how awesome she was back in the day! I’m sure your grand kids will love it though! So what’s the worst thing about being a successful fitness model? Do you think that your looks cause people not to take you as seriously as they should? Did you get any sort of backlash from friends and family? Or is it just hard to get them to understand and support all of the sacrifices you have to make?

Chady:  The worse thing about being a fitness model are all the photo shoots. It limits the number of triple cheeseburgers I can eat! 🙁 I’m not kidding, seriously.  As for people not taking me seriously, I wouldn’t say that. I feel my looks and achievements may make others take a look at their health and weight condition more.  At first, my family had a hard time understanding the commitment I had to make to achieve my goals. But now that they see the results, they are more supportive because they realize its not just a phase I am going through- its a lifestyle.

Jamin: Trust me, I know how you feel. I want some In & Out right now actually if you want to swing by there…that would hit the spot. On a more serious note, you are definitely a role model and I see and hear people talking about you and how you inspire them to be healthier and fitter all of the time. I’m not even joking! Ok…so we know the lifestyle is tough…and not everyone totally get’s it. What are some of the common misconceptions about fitness models and women who lift weights?

Chady: Some women hesitate to strength train, and in particular to pick up free weights often because of popular misconceptions of what might happen when they do. The average woman who weight train, will achieve a slim healthy body without adding unwanted muscle mass. In Fact, I believe weight training is responsible for changing and sculpting my body the most to look like a Fitness/Bikini Model.

chady dunmore

Jamin: What is your philosophy on nutrition?

Chady:  “If you kinda sorta eat right…. you kinda sorta get results.”

Jamin: Good one, I may have to tweet that! So if I raided your kitchen right now what kind of food would I find in there?

Chady:  Boiled eggs, cooked bison/turkey patties/sweet potatoes/green beans, greek yogurt, berries, almond milk,  Brita filter water, Udos oil, grey poupon, Dom Perignon, caviar. Ya know, the usual.

Jamin:  I guess you never know when you’ll have to celebrate something new, so gotta keep the Dom P on ice at all times right? NICE. I think I want to raid your fridge, you definitely have some of my all time favorites in there! Especially the Udo’s oil, that stuff rocks. Ok so next to being a mom of course, what are some of your proudest accomplishments?

Chady: I would have to say these last 2 years….When I am reminded what I have accomplished it makes me smile. 🙂

Jamin: It makes me smile too. You’re AWESOME. I actually have your hit single “Work It Out” on my playlist right now. It rocks man. Where did all of this musical genius come from?

Chady:  Aw that’s awesome, so glad you like it.  I have always wanted to get in the music industry, so when I was approached to get in the studio I jumped in with no hesitation. I had no idea that my 1st single “work it out” would be such a hit and be played on radio stations across the country.

Jamin: People can download it on iTunes right?

Chady: iTunes and Amazon.

Jamin: Nice. I believe you also have a book coming out as well?

Chady: Yep! Its going to give people insight on my story and answer questions I get asked all the time. It will also be available in spanish for my fellow caliente mamacitas.

Jamin: Me encanta caliente mamacitas! Ok Chady, you are probably one of the busiest peeps I know. If you could give all of the readers out there your 5 best tips for staying in great shape while juggling a busy schedule what would they be?

Chady: (1) plan your day in advance (including meals) (2) have a support team (3) don’t skip workouts because it will help you more efficient (4) delegate whenever possible (5) don’t sweat the small stuff tomorrow is another day.

Jamin: Good advice. Ok so…none of us can do it alone, we all need support to succeed. Who were your mentors and how did they help you get to where you are today?

Chady: Being a mother is the hardest job of them all, so without the help of my daughter’s AMAZING Father I could not have done any of it. He is the most ambitious person I know and he definitely has contributed to bringing my A game and to pursue my dreams even when I was at my lowest.

Jamin: I know you’ll never admit this, but you are one of the top fitness models in the world. So obviously I have to ask you this question. What tips would you give to someone who wants to become a fitness model?

Chady:  My biggest tip to aspiring fitness models: Fuel your fire with others negative energy, Only the STRONG survive.  Trust your instincts and be careful what you sign.

Jamin: Hold on I’m writing that down…ok…got it! So where can we find you on the internet?

Chady: and

Jamin: Well, Chady this was awesome. I enjoyed sitting down with you today! Don’t forget about your boy here when you’re hosting SNL! Before we get out of here do you have any last words or shout outs?

Chady: I would like to Thank the CONSTANT support from my family, friends, the WBFF (Paul & Allison Dillett), The MusclePharm Team, and all my amazing fans. 🙂

chady dunmore

Here is a pic of me, Chady, and our good friend Natalie from the LA Expo. Lucky me right!? By the way, don’t forget to download Chady’s hit single Work It Out on iTunes, just CLICK HERE to download! Please leave your questions and comments for Chady below!

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