PerfectBodyRX Tip Jar Now Available Using PayPal

To all of my loyal readers and friends:

You can now donate to this site using PayPal!

So for those of you so inclined to help ensure I stay jacked up on unhealthy energy drinks so I can keep pumping out that blog update goodness on the regular…feel free! LOL 😀

On a more serious note…

For everyone out there who knows me personally, you should know that I am always totally up front about my business and I believe in complete transparency and full disclosure.

With that being said you should know that none of these donations will go into some slush fund or will be helping to buy me new rims (I know total bummer right? lol). And while I’m also definitely not homeless and far from starving, your tip jar love will help pay for things like newsletter delivery, my webmaster, free teleseminars, my video team, as well as various other overhead and development costs associated with keeping this blog your favorite fitness, health, and wellness destination.

So for everyone who is unselfishly willing to make it rain, run a tip drill, or drop a few dead presidents into the tip jar, we are MORE than grateful and everyone over here at PerfectBodyRX thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!

Important: You will need a PayPal account in order to send us a donation. When you click the “Support The Cause” donate button on the right side of this page –>, you will be taken to a PayPal page where you will be able to enter any dollar amount you wish to donate. If you only want to throw down a buck, great! If you want to donate more…more power to ya!

You can rest assured that every cent will go towards paying things like PerfectBodyRX’s ongoing monthly web host fees, webmaster fees, contest stuff, and other associated overhead and development costs.

No PayPal account? Contact me if you would like to discuss alternative donation options.

Again, we appreciate all of your continued support and thank you for your loyal readership. We plan on tossing all of the names of donors into a raffle each month and will pick a few winners for free prizes like eBook programs, maybe some cool electronics (iPdad?), free photo shoots with some of my photographer buddies, and tons of more cool stuff…

Stay tuned!

Jamin Thompson
Over the past 10 years, Jamin Thompson – actor, sport & fitness model, and former world ranked tennis player – has appeared in or on publications such as Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness,; as well as worked as a sponsored athlete for and/or been featured in commercials and print ads for Nike, Reebok, ESPN, Wilson Sporting Goods, Powertec Fitness, Gifted Nutrition and more. Using his real world, in the trenches experience, writes to help others dominate in the gym, on the field, and in life. His book, The 6 Pack Secret, has been sold in over 50 countries and has helped thousands of folks from all walks of life get cut and jacked the healthy way.
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Jamin Thompson
Jamin Thompson
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