gym talkers

Gym Talkers

When you’re trying to focus in the gym but then that annoying, non-lifting, super talkative person spots you… Be sure to subscribe and share with your friends!  

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jamin thompson peak week powertec photo shoot

Peak Week: How To Get Shredded For A Photo Shoot, Bodybuilding Contest (or Pool Party) Like A Pro

One of the most interesting, yet not fully understood or written about topics in the world of fitness and bodybuilding is “how to prep for a photoshoot” or bodybuilding contest. If you’re reading this right now I bet you are fairly familiar with the concept of “peak week”… …but most of the information you found online […]

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Jamin Thompson_Leaky Gut

How To Fix Your Annoying Gut Problems

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know how serious I am about gut health. Part of that emphasis is due to that fact that I have been living with Crohn’s Disease for just around 15 years now… …which has made me have to really step up my gut health knowledge and focus. Crohn’s Disease […]

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My Weekly Training Split & Meal Plan

There was a time when men still trained like men and moved heavy weights to gain size and strength. A time when dudes used to walk or run on off days to maintain their conditioning and bodyfat levels. Nobody did four weekly 30 minute circuits of swings, burpees and snatches. You know why? Because that […]

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