greatness jamin thompson

Today’s Thoughts on Greatness

Life will throw bullshit at you. There will be people who doubt you. Haters will try to drag you down. You will go through adversity. The path to greatness is never easy. There will be unexpected challenges. Doubters and haters will try to break you. There will be moments where you feel weak and insecure. […]

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Denzel Washington Training Day Preworkout Vine

Denzel Washington Pre-Workout Mooch Vine

We all have that one friend…either he is too cheap to buy his own supplements, or he just conveniently forgets to bring his own so he can mooch your stash. Whatever the case may be, every lifter can probably relate to this in some way. Enjoy. The Pre-Workout Mooch (Training Day Version) “When your gym […]

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flying superman pushups

How to do Flying Superman Pushups

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my training goals these days are focused on developing a lean, athletic physique that is strong and well-conditioned… …and a big part of that training is based around building my bodyweight and core strength as well as maximizing my explosive strength and power. If you’ve read this blog before you probably […]

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shoulder workout

Shoulder Workout for Boulder Shoulders

Seems like I get asked all of the time “Jamin, what workout should I do to get jacked.” Or “Jamin, what is the best workout for <insert body part here>.” There is no easy answer to any of these questions as there is no one workout that is “the best for this” or “the greatest […]

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cardio workout_jamin thompson

Muscle Building Cardio Workout | Cardio WOD

Cardio sucks, but it’s a necessary evil. Fact is, if you want to build up your conditioning, keep your heart healthy n’ strong, and lose ugly belly flab…you gotta suck it up and do your cardio.  But Jamin, can’t I get ripped without doing cardio? Sure, it’s possible to get ripped without doing a lick […]

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hot girl running_workout finishers

17 Workout Finishers That Burn Fat Fast

Summer is officially here and beach season is in full swing. The people who busted their asses all winter are now frolicking around the beach, flaunting their ripped abs, jacked arms, and tight glutes… …while the slackers are kicking it on the sidelines wishing they had the courage to take off their shirts and reveal […]

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