My Weekly Training Split & Meal Plan

There was a time when men still trained like men and moved heavy weights to gain size and strength. A time when dudes used to walk or run on off days to maintain their conditioning and bodyfat levels. Nobody did four weekly 30 minute circuits of swings, burpees and snatches. You know why? Because that […]

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Clemson Mens Tennis 2002 Jamin Thompson

Learning To Love The Process

2002 Clemson Tennis post-workout on “Muscle Beach” behind Jervey Athletic Center I know looks can be a little deceiving so let me give a little bit of background: This pic was taken a little over a year after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and was still working my way back into playing shape after […]

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leg workout lunges

Black Friday Leg Workout

  After taking about 27 naps yesterday I decided to finally get up off the couch and put the 30,000 or so calories I ate for Thanksgiving to good use… Gotta get these gains baby! A video posted by Jamin Thompson (@jaminthompson) on Nov 27, 2015 at 7:07pm PST Here is the full workout if […]

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jamin thompson_mental toughness

Monday Musings on Mental Toughness

Photo Credit: @HadelProductions MENTAL TOUGHNESS: On the field and in life, mental toughness usually all comes down to self-esteem and attitude. If you believe you’re a champion, you will think and feel like a champion. If you believe you’re a loser, you will think & feel like a loser. If you have a high self-esteem […]

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On Fridays We Flex

Just want to give a big #FlexFriday shoutout to the woman who introduced me to health and fitness when I was just a kid…and continues to be my fitness inspiration even to this day. From the infant swim classes…to using me as a weight for mom/baby workouts…to waking me and my brothers up at 5am […]

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From Hoops Reject to Local Legend

Photo Credit: @NatalieMinh Funny story: Growing up I played just about every sport… …football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track, tennis, swimming, lacrosse – you name it I probably played it. I was one of those kids that the youth coaches in my area would look at and say “dang dat boy got talent!”… …but there was […]

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How to Rise and Overcome – Against All Odds

Against All Odds: Many of us were born into challenging situations. Born into struggle. Born with the deck stacked against us. But you can reverse those awful odds by persevering, grinding and relentlessly fighting through the bad days and tough times that life throws at you… …and by not letting the voices of doubt be louder […]

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greatness jamin thompson

Today’s Thoughts on Greatness

Life will throw bullshit at you. There will be people who doubt you. Haters will try to drag you down. You will go through adversity. The path to greatness is never easy. There will be unexpected challenges. Doubters and haters will try to break you. There will be moments where you feel weak and insecure. […]

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Denzel Washington Training Day Preworkout Vine

Denzel Washington Pre-Workout Mooch Vine

We all have that one friend…either he is too cheap to buy his own supplements, or he just conveniently forgets to bring his own so he can mooch your stash. Whatever the case may be, every lifter can probably relate to this in some way. Enjoy. The Pre-Workout Mooch (Training Day Version) “When your gym […]

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