gym shadowboxers

Gym Shadowboxers

Gym shadowboxers can be annoying…but when a shadowboxing gym bro wanders into the free weight area and gets in your way…what do you do? Be sure to subscribe and share with your friends!

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When You Take Too Much Preworkout_ Jamin Thompson - Youtube

When You Take Too Much PreWorkout | Gifted Nutrition Accelerate

Increased energy. Increased strength, power, and endurance. Preworkouts are the best! But when you take too much… PS – Gifted Nutrition ACCELERATE™ is my favorite preworkout. Each serving contains a clinical dose of 2.5 grams of “BetaPower” Natural Betaine that helps you build more strength and power than regular old preworkouts. Check it out HERE.  Be […]

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When You Run Out Of Protein YouTube Jamin Thompson Skit

When You Run Out Of Protein (Gym Parody Video)

According to the Centers for Disease Control, getting curbed in the gym and running out of protein still top the list in 2016 as the leading causes of death in gym bros age 15-90…but the gap is closing between the two. The recently published CDC report examined the shifting trends in gym bro health and […]

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